How it works


Our Process

Abelhamoz has forged strong partnerships with the traditional honey gatherers and the communities within which they ply their centuries-old trade, to work towards countering the destructive effects of traditional methods by implementing far more productive, environmentally-friendly and financially-rewarding modern beekeeping practices.

Previously, using age-old methods, traditional honey gatherers would typically harvest an average of only 2 kg of honey for every swarm lured into their tree-bark hives.

During the traditional harvest (Oct-Jan), the swarms are generally incinerated to eliminate the risk of them attacking and killing the harvesters. Then, using primitive honey processing techniques (which greatly reduces the quality of the product), they sell the adulterated product at nearby markets or at the roadside, for around $2.50 per kg.

The AbelhaMoz approach is to rather identify suitable ‘nodes” (areas of 625m2) in the natural forest away from human habitation and have the local communities clear the brush from under the trees in the nodes. Once this is done, AbelhaMoz node-builders erect a 1.83m fence around the node.

Each node has a designated ‘nodekeeper’ (the former traditional honey gatherer) who works under the continuous close supervision of a skilled AbelhaMoz-employed beekeeper. One of our first tasks is to equip the nodekeeper (and any of his/her assistants) with safety gear.

Over the next few weeks, AbelhaMoz furnish each node with around 30 modern Langstroth beehives and work closely with nodekeepers to populate these hives with strong swarms of feral bees, most of which are transferred from traditional hives. Nodekeepers are taught modern beekeeping techniques and tend and maintain the hives on a full-time basis.

When hives are ready to harvest, the nodekeeper earns remuneration by sharing in the honey income stream without any requirement from him/her to harvest, process, bottle or market the product. These functions are carried out by expert and well-equipped AbelhaMoz personnel.

After harvesting, the very high quality AbelhaMoz honeycomb produced in the nodes is transported to the AbelhaMoz HQ where it is processed in state-of-the-art facilities.

All product is then sold to a Mauritian-based honey trading company under an exclusive offtake arrangement with AbelhaMoz lda.

The Mauritian trading company then markets and trades the product to discerning international customers.