Our Honey

AbelhaMoz Pristine Organic Honey is produced in an extensive network of AbelhaMoz’s own Langstroth bee hives located in carefully selected remote areas of Mozambique’s rich forests. In a vast area of pristine beauty free from air, water or soil pollution, endemic Apis Mellifera Litorea honey bees produce their bounty after feeding on the region’s natural botanical diversity, fresh water and rich soil.​

AbelhaMoz lda currently has a network of approximately 1000 modern-day Langstroth beehives deployed in 34 separate fenced 625m2 areas called ‘nodes’.

AbelhaMoz nodes are spread across the 200 000ha Zavala District in Inhambane Province, Mozambique.

The completely pollution-free District of Zavala has 3 distinctly different botanical zones, each of which produce a delicious honey which is subtly different from the others.

All AbelhaMoz honey is certified as bee-disease free, as meeting or exceeding the most stringent international organic honey standards and as being GMO-, pesticides- and heavy-metals- free.

To regularly consume any of our 4 AbelhaMoz honeys is to treat one’s immune-system and well-being in profound ways, just as nature intended.

Very few, if any, honey brands on sale around the contemporary world can match the pristine organic purity contained in each jar of AbelhaMoz honey. Every batch of our honey is scientifically tested and certified free from GMOs, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, toxic elements and American Foulbrood prior to being bottled and sent to their respective points of sale.







A 90 km long lake/river forms the northern border of Zavala District.

Along the banks of this large body of crystal clear water, exists a dense natural rain forest which is home to a large variety of medicinally-significant plant types, many of which are, as yet, undocumented.

The river forest is also home to multiple fungi species but none so abundant as the honey mushroom, a botanical species acclaimed by naturopaths globally as producing some of nature’s truly potent anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant compounds.

The exquisite honey that our bees make while consuming the secretions of the honey mushroom, contains the very essence of this rare and medicinally-significant species.

AbelhaMoz River Forest Honey is quite justifiably one of the World’s most desirable honeys.

Wild Myrtle Honey

The fertile botanical zone which dominates around 65% of the Zavala District is rich in botanical diversity.

The pristine honey made by our bees from the pollen and nectar present in the swathes of wild myrtle,  free-ranging citrus, coconut and jambu (Syzygium Cumini) contains a plethora of anti-oxidant and pro-biotic compounds favoured by age-old Ayurvedic treatments and medicines for gastrointestinal ailments.

There is arguably no finer gift that one can offer than a jar of this mouth-watering product to reset the gut flora thereby enhancing personal health and well-being.

Coastal Coconut Honey

The largely undeveloped 80km long coastal zone in which AbelhaMoz has established just a handful of nodes to date, produces  a darker, earthier honey which our bees make from ever-present coconut-palm nectar and pollen.

Naturopaths worldwide acknowledge the medicinal significance and effectiveness of coconut honey in treating skin disorders and preventing premature ageing, for its anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties, for its beneficial effect on blood sugar control and immune system boosting and for its enhancement of cardio-vascular health.

Add to this the pristine, unpolluted and toxin-free environment in which our bees flourish and AbelhaMoz Coastal Coconut Honey warrants its position as one of the world’s finest natural products.

Wildflower Honey

AbelhaMoz Wildflower honey is a blend of the other 3 AbelhaMoz honeys described above.

Therefore there cannot be much debate that AbelhaMoz Wildflower Honey encapsulates all the benefits mentioned and is worthy of the ‘best-of-the-best’ honey brand title.