About AbelhaMoz

AbelhaMoz has formed a strategic relationship with agricultural enabling platform Agri all Africa (AaA) in order to optimise project planning, implementation and funding.

Operationally, AbelhaMoz has forged strong bonds with traditional honey gatherers and the communities within which they ply their centuries-old trade.

AbelhaMoz are working actively with these communities to counter the very destructive effects of traditional honey gathering methods by revealing to them bee-friendly- and far more productive- modern technologies and techniques.

AbelhaMoz’s ongoing program of scientific analysis of honey samples across our operational area, already shows that we are producing world-class, pristine organic and medical-grade honey which meets the 3 highest organic standards in the world.

Accordingly, AbelhaMoz honey is free of GMOs, heavy metals and harmful chemicals/pesticides and our bees are healthy and free of American Foulbrood and Colony Collapse Disorder.

However, only through close monitoring and regular analysis over a protracted period, perhaps as much as 3 years, will AbelhaMoz be able to accurately predict the variation in volume, production cycle and constituents of honey production throughout the phases of the year.