AbelhaMoz Pure
Mozambique Honey

Pristine Organic Honey
from Africa

Uncontaminated, undiluted, pure honeydew goodness from the heart of Africa.

AbelhaMoz Honey is a unique organic honey packed with a wealth of health and well-being components. Sourced entirely in the pristine and unpolluted forests of south-central Mozambique, AbelhaMoz honey is never heated beyond hive temperature nor irradiated. Ever.

The methods we use to harvest this precious honey ensure that it remains as pure as nature intended it to be. The treasure-chest of beneficial compounds contained within each jar, deliver a unique and authentic African flavour, matched by no other honey in the world.


What makes our honey so special?

AbelhaMoz is as invested in the health of the local communities as we are in the bees themselves.

Our vision includes the active conservation of threatened bee populations, the creation of jobs for local people, the promotion of sound environmental practices and the economic upliftment of surrounding communities through sustainable development.

AbelhaMoz Pristine Organic Mozambique Honey is jam-packed with medicinally-significant chemical compounds like potent natural antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, pro-biotics, anti-bacterial agents and sought after minerals.

Each of our staff members are passionate about delivering world-class organic api-products to our discerning and demanding client base.

This starts with the construction of our hives using only eco-compliant materials through to hive-deployment, swarm development and maintenance, harvesting processes, staff-care initiatives, processing and distribution.

Every aspect of our production process is designed to meet and exceed the most stringent international organic standards.

Benefits of our Mozambique Honey

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Every batch of our honey is scientifically tested and certified free from GMOs, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, toxic elements and American Foulbrood prior to being bottled and sent to their respective points of sale.
Very few, if any, honey brands on sale around the contemporary world can match the pristine organic purity contained in each jar of AbelhaMoz honey. Pure,organic honey like ours is a natural superfood that provides multiple health benefits across a wide spectrum.
Subjecting honey to pasteurization and/or irradiation processes greatly reduces its medicinal effectiveness and its healthcare value. AbelhaMoz’s dogged resistance to these practices means that our honey retains all the potent medicinal antioxidants, antibiotics, anti-carcinogenics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that nature has provided.
Ethically sourced honey is produced in a way that puts the bees and the environment first. Our strict compliance with the processes involved in producing ethically-farmed honey is not easily attained and requires constant awareness of our responsibilities to the bees themselves, to our beekeepers and staff, to the environment in which we operate and to our interaction with the communities that surround us.
Pristine unheated and unadulterated honey is rich in vitamins such as B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid etc. It also contains certain amino acids and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium. These are widely acclaimed as performing essential roles in the body for improved functioning of metabolism, energy production and immune response.
Antioxidants found in pure honey help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and reduce inflammation. Antioxidants, which are compounds found in plants and other natural sources that protect against cell damage, also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protect against sun damage.
Pure honey has powerful natural medicinal properties some of which help fight infection as well as reducing inflammation and sterilizing wounds.
With its natural anti-inflammatory healing properties, unpolluted honey can help treat and prevent various skin conditions. Its antibacterial qualities make it ideal for treating skin topically.
Pure honey has been used as a natural remedy to aid in digestion since ancient times. In addition to its soothing taste, pure honey contains enzymes and probiotics that provide a range of advantages including protection against harmful bacteria and enhanced gut flora balance.
The sweetness associated with honey can help satisfy cravings without any artificial ingredients or refined sugars. The natural sweetness of this honey makes it a great alternative to processed sugars and it is lower on the glycemic index scale.

Enjoy the Finest Honey from Magical Mozambique

AbelhaMoz Pristine Organic Honey is produced in an extensive network of AbelhaMoz’s own Langstroth bee hives located in carefully selected remote areas of Mozambique’s rich forests. In a vast area of pristine beauty free from air, water or soil pollution, endemic Apis Mellifera Litorea honey bees produce their bounty after feeding on the region’s natural botanical diversity, fresh water and rich soil. At optimum times of the year, our specialist AbelhaMoz beekeeping teams bottle honey of matchless colour, exquisite earthy flavour and carrying the distinct aroma of the African bush. They are ever mindful of the critical need to harvest without harming the bees in any way.

We offer 4 types of honey:

River Forest Honey

The river forest is home to multiple fungi species including the honey mushroom, a botanical species acclaimed by naturopaths globally as producing some of nature’s truly potent anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant compounds…

Wild Myrtle Honey

The pristine honey made by our bees from the pollen and nectar present in the swathes of wild myrtle, free-ranging citrus, coconut and jambu contains a plethora of anti-oxidant and pro-biotic compounds…

Coastal Coconut Honey

A darker, earthier honey which our bees make from coconut-palm nectar and pollen in a pristine, unpolluted and toxin-free environment. Naturopaths acknowledge coconut honey as being highly effective in treating skin disorders and preventing…

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower honey is a blend of the other AbelhaMoz honeys and contains River Forest, Wild Myrtle, Coastal Coconut honey. It therefore encapsulates all the benefits mentioned and is worthy of the ‘best-of-the-best’ honey brand title…

Origin Of AbelhaMoz Pure Honey:
Local Farmers, Unspoiled Landscapes​

Overwhelmed by the pristine beauty and the unspoilt opportunities of the Inhambane Province during a visit to the area in 2016, our founder and CEO, Steve Joubert, was inspired to start the commercial, environmental and socially viable apiculture business now know as AbelhaMoz.

Our current operation is spread across 200,000 hectares of pristine Mozambican forest where AbelhaMoz attends to 30 million bees living in 1000 Langstroth hives.

Deployed in hive concentrations called nodes, each node is protected, tended and nurtured by a dedicated local nodekeeper. Under the watchful eye of our highly experienced professional Head of Beekeeping and his team of dedicated assistants, we make sure that the operation remains sustainable, that the bees are happy and the AbelhaMoz initiative grows to the great benefit of all concerned.

Production and Honey Processing: Sustainable Honey from African Bees

Our bees produce honey from some of the world’s purest and most diverse flora, but the success and efficiency of what we do come through strongly in the way that we harvest the honey and how we process and distribute it.

We place great importance on adhering to the highest standards of ethical honey production, deploying our Langstroth hives in accordance with strict node selection criteria.

AbelhaMoz is committed to playing a significant role in protecting local ecosystems and preserving the natural resources so crucial to the welfare and proliferation of the bees.

We believe our eco-minded approach is already influencing the adoption of greatly elevated standards for producing honey in Mozambique and greatly reducing the bee- and tree- destroying practices inherent in traditional honey-gathering in Africa.


Our ongoing use of globally-credible laboratories ensures that AbelhaMoz produces api-products of matchless quality which meet or exceed the highest standards set.

AbelhaMoz Pristine Organic Mozambique Honey has been certified free of heavy metals, GMOs, pesticides, toxic chemicals, salmonella, bee diseases such as American Foul Brood (AFB) – by some of the world’s most credible laboratories.

AbelhaMoz Pristine Organic Mozambique Honey is certified organic, lab-tested for purity by world-leading laboratories like Intertek and Scicorp in Germany and on par with the absolute best honey in the world.

This regular certification provides consumers with the assurance that they are purchasing a healthy and safe product.